What we do

At some point your organisation will be faced with large transformational projects that require outside help. You will have to hire consultants, bankers, accountants or lawyers to help you deal with the situation. However, you cannot outsource the management of the project itself.

So how do you cope without becoming overwhelmed?

Ideally you would have a full time, dedicated project manager available in your organisation that can hit the ground running. However, as these situations are not part of your everyday business it is unlikely that you have someone with the required experience and expertise on your payroll.

This is where Capitium comes in.

We are typically retained on a temporary basis to help you take control of such complex situations. We will become part of your organisation as a project manager or simply as an additional member of the team. We will be fully dedicated to the project and report directly to you until the job is done.

Once done we will leave you to get on with life and focus on what you are good at.

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